HIFU SMAS-lifting is a new, effective and safe method of rejuvenation of the skin and soft tissues of the face, which allows you to turn back the clock!

ULTRASONIC SMAS-LIFTING is a technique for those who are not ready to undergo plastic surgery but would like to tighten the skin. In our salon, we have the opportunity to treat both the skin of the face and the body, because the device has different sensors.

This is the only procedure, the impact of which is not directed at the skin, but at the underlying muscular-aponeurotic layer ( known to everyone as SMAS).

Ultrasonic SMAS lifting is most often performed once and does not require rehabilitation, as after other methods.

SMAS lifting has no analogues. This is the only procedure that affects a depth of up to 4.5 mm and reaches the musculoaponeurotic layer. Ultrasonic SMAS lifting is perfectly combined with other hardware and injection technologies, as it has its own point of application.

Surgical operation is always associated with additional risks - a long and painful rehabilitation period, possible changes in appearance, nervous strain, risks anesthesia. The so-called human factor is also not excluded - the price of a mistake is too high. Non-surgical SMAS lifting is the optimal solution for clients who do not dare to undergo plastic surgery, they want results without a rehabilitation period.

Indications for use:

Sagging , flabbiness of the skin of the chin and in the neck;
Loss of clarity of the oval of the face and the contour of the submandibular zone;
Loss of clarity of the contour of the lower jaw;
Deepening of the nasolabial folds, drooping of the corners of the mouth; ;
Skin aging;
Double chin;
Loss of cheekbone contour lines;
Loss of cleavage and neck tone
Loss of skin tone on arms, inner thighs, above knees, abdomen etc.


Do not go to the bath and sauna for 14 days after the procedure,
Avoid using exfoliating peels for a week< br />You can apply make-up immediately after the procedure.
In case of active sun exposure for 1 month after the procedure, use with sun protection products with an SPF of at least 30.

The effect obtained as a result of the ultrasonic lifting procedure occurs in 90% of patients and increases after the procedure. It is so significant and safe that this hardware technology for the first time in history received registration by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration in the United States) in the "Lifting" category.

Contraindications for use</ strong>

Pregnancy and lactation;
Anticoagulant use
Surgical interventions in the last month;
Severe acne
Metal implants in the procedure area ( dental implants, dental crowns are not a contraindication),
Open wounds, inflammatory diseases and damage in the affected area;
Oncological or severe endocrine diseases, acute inflammatory diseases,
Tendency to form keloid scars,< br />The presence of a pacemaker.

Does not require special preparation and anesthesia;

The procedure is performed once with an increasing effect over 1-3 months, a single correction is possible after 3 -4 months;

The result is 1-1.5 years;

The rehabilitation period is almost absent.

Protocol 1:

In one procedure, the treated area is covered 3 times for 3x different levels

Prices: lower third 1800
Cheekbones 1800
Forehead 1500
Full face 2400

Protocol 2 : each zone in one procedure 1 layer is passed

The procedure is repeated on the next layer after 2 days
Lower third 600
Cheekbones 600
Forehead 500
Whole face 800

For each procedure, 3 in a compartment




26 August 2022



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