An absolutely new concept of prolonged biorevitalization, presented in the form of CRYSTAL Meso PN mesotherapy, to restore and enhance skin regeneration in delicate areas (orbital, perioral, neck, decollete) with a concentration of PDRN * - 2 mg / ml. Polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN) is a natural donor of substrates for the synthesis of its own DNA molecules, stimulates the synthesis of essential proteins and increases the reparative potential of the skin. Uses only high quality ingredients. CRYSTAL Meso PN contains a deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) extract isolated from the milk of male salmon, which has been carefully purified and depolymerized. This processing technology guarantees absolute safety when using DNA injections. CRYSTAL Meso PN stimulates the regeneration and healing of damaged and aging skin cells, strengthening their protective barrier, keeping the skin healthy and supple. This product has a powerful anti-aging effect by regenerating the cell renewal process. Thanks to its active ingredients and regenerating power, CRYSTAL Meso PN is indispensable in the treatment of acne, as well as in post-acne treatments aimed at restoring the skin and giving it a smooth and healthy tone. Recommended for:
Tense, "tired" skin;
Atrophic scars, striae; skin laxity;
Dysfunction of the sebaceous glands;
Small wrinkles (in particular, mimic) and signs of photoaging of the skin;
Dry skin and loss of elasticity;
Increased pigmentation;
Skin restoration after winter;
"Smoker's skin".
Product advantages:
Visible result after the first procedure;
The use of highly purified DNA that has undergone a depolymerization process;
The concentration of PDRN is 70% higher than in other products;
Protects against UV-B radiation and prevents the development of pigmentation.
Restores damaged cells and stimulates recovery processes;
Eliminates fine wrinkles;
Increases skin elasticity;
Restores microcirculation in tissues;
Reduces the process of inflammatory manifestation of acne;
Helps shrink pores
Accelerates the healing of scars;
Increases the metabolic activity of cells, preventing the formation of new wrinkles;
Areas of use:
Small wrinkles on the face
Wrinkles on the neck
Wrinkles on the back of the hand
The area under the eyes
Price 1000 kr




26 August 2022



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