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Prevent Age Skin is an intensive facial skin care program that combines the powerful effects of professional cosmetic treatment and hydration with a high proteoglycan serum to provide elasticity and hydration to the skin and prevent signs of skin aging.

Active Ingredients:

The effectiveness of this is in its carefully crafted formula, which contains:

Proteoglycans, a powerful anti-aging active, promote the production of hyaluronic acid, improving skin texture and softening wrinkles.
Collagen, which increases skin hydration and elasticity.
Botanical complex enhances skin's natural hydration factor.

To increase the effect, the serum can be used almost continuously, after application and absorption, there is no need for skin rest periods. The serum CANNOT cause ANY harm to the skin - it is COMPLETELY SAFE and therefore it can be used WITHOUT LIMITATIONS!

Proteoglycans are natural macromolecules capable of restoring epidermal cells and enhancing the metabolism of connective tissue components, restoring skin functions, mechanical properties and physiological appearance.

What is this for?

Proteoglycans increase:

cell proliferation and metabolism,
fatty acid metabolism
have anti-inflammatory activity
speed up the healing process,
increase the connection of cells with extracellular components in their environment and the connection between cells,
they have a structural function in connective tissue,
regulate the water content in the connective tissue and its ability to retain water.

Given the ability of these polysaccharides to retain water, they can absorb up to 1,000 times their volume of water, thereby helping the skin stay firm and hydrated.

Pack of 10 ampoules

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