About parabens and silicones in cosmetics...

About parabens and silicones in cosmetics...

Conclusions after reading officially published studies:

the harm of parabens is NOT proven, the removal of parabens from the formula gives the manufacturer the right to declare a new formulation/new product, cations (methylchloroisothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone), which usually replace parabens, have been shown to cause allergic reactions more often, silicones and other substances that form a film on the face - not always bad, because this film protects against contact with free radicals (in the city, for example, combustion products, exhaust gases, etc. are sources of free radicals), usually the antioxidants in creams do NOT have time to work, because they are immediately destroyed on the skin under the influence of daylight.
By the way, some silicones also have a compensatory effect on sebum regulation, tk. restore the lipid mantle.
The study is available here

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